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The powerful professional pump with reliable combustion engine

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The professional wet
vacuum cleaner
with SHG pump power


The compact submersible pump for waste water including solids

Tegernsee TP 4/1 – the first DIN 14425-compliant submersible pump with an optional maximum intake diameter of 40 mm


The Tegernsee TP 4/1 is Spechtenhauser’s first DIN 14425-compliant submersible pump and thus combines the necessary requirements for a TP 4/1 with uncompromising pumping power and compact dimensions. With a maximum output of 800 l/min and 400 l/min at a delivery height of 10 m, the new Tegernsee TP 4/1 guarantees rapid and powerful pump deployment. The intake strainer can be quickly and conveniently removed from the polyacetal (POM) pump foot without tools if required; this increases the pump’s maximum corn size from the standard-compliant 8 mm to 40 mm. The much higher blockage protection which the Tegernsee TP 4/1 then provides set new standards for DIN


14425-compliant immersion pumps. The high-quality Spechtenhauser impeller technology, which has been proven and tested a thousand times, is especially resistant to wear. Complete motor protection with a motor overload switch and additional temperature monitoring built into the water pressure-tight IP68 housing ensures comprehensive pump safety. Effective flat intake down to just a few millimeters of residual water is easily possible by simply twisting the pump by 90°. The robust polyamide carrying handle with its practical abseil notch makes handling the pump very simple. The Tegernsee TP 4/1 is designed for unlimited constant operation on 3 kVA generators, weighs around 25 kg and measures LxWxH: 300 x 240 x 460 mm.

New wet vacuum cleaner Mini-AQUATIX

SHG Spechtenhauser new wet vacuum cleaner Mini-Aquatix in operation
SHG Spechtenhauser wet  vacuum cleaner Mini-Aquatix in operation

Mini-AQUATIX – the compact wet vacuum cleaner that sets the highest standards in the smallest of spaces

Mini-Aquatix combines a compact design, low weight and easy handling with a performance level as yet unmatched for a machine of its size. The core of the wet vacuum cleaner is the permanently running Spechtenhauser drainage pump, which guarantees that the tank is emptied continuously. Made entirely from stainless steel and with a 50 mm intake diameter, the pump transports contaminants like sludge, small stones and other solid and floating materials without any trouble.

Its maximum capacity of 350 l/min and a maximum head of 11 m show performance levels that set new standards for compact wet vacuum cleaners. And yet, the Mini-Aquatix operates at an amazingly low noise level of only 59 dB (A). Uncompromising reliability is provided by the Spechtenhauser triple safety system: thermal and motor protection switches to ensure safe pump operation and a double overflow protection guarantee smooth operation right to the very end. Handling is easy and comfortable thanks to the robust tyres and perfectly adapted handles. This makes transporting Mini Aquatix a really simple task. The full scope of delivery is rounded off by the accessory set consisting of a 3m hose, an extension pipe and water vacuuming and crevice nozzles. Mini-Aquatix allows continuous operation on a 5 kVA DIN generator without any restriction. Dimensions LxWxH: 485x380x750 mm, Weight: 24 kg, optionally available with personal protection switch and accessories box.



FAK+, the flat intake nozzle with integrated non-return flap for Chiemsee and Mini-Chiemsee.


The "FAK+" is the ideal addition to all Chiemsee and Mini-Chiemsee pumps. Thanks to the integrated non-return flap of the FAK+ a smooth and trouble-free pump start at low water levels is guaranteed. If the pump is switched off, the residual water remains inside, so that the pump can be started up again at any time, without having to be refilled. Repositioning the pump, therefore, is so much quicker and easier.


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